Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LOST: "What They Died For" Reflections

As usual, there are major spoilers contained herein. But honestly, why would you be reading this anyway if you hadn't already seen the show and/or wanted to be spoiled?

It was so good to see Richard, Ben and Miles again, and that a majority of the episode focused on them (or one of them anyway).

When they make it back to the Barracks, Miles gets all weirded out by the buried Alex. Richard tells Ben that after Ben left the island (that's back when the island moved), he buried Alex. ...Okay, um, what? Or did he not mean when Ben left the island, but just when Ben left the Barracks and went to the Orchid? Maybe that's it. ...But no, wait, Ben had sent all the Others to the Temple before that. So when the heck did Richard bury Alex? And really, why aren't all the dead Losties and Others and Freighties still there rotting in the sun? Did Richard bury all of them? So, the Others just went about their lives for three years and Richard came back one day arbitrarily to bury the dead? After Locke disappeared before his eyes he said, "Well, till he comes back, guess I'll go dig a grave or something." ...and why did the Others not flash through time the way the Losties did?

I like that Widmore is always one step ahead of Ben, and tells him so. "Ben, I rigged that plane with explosives like a week ago! Get with the program, dude!"

Widmore says he was sent back to the island by Jacob. Okay. And that Jacob came to see him (okay) shortly after the freighter blew up. okay... wait, what? After the freighter blew up the island moved so that Charles Widmore could never find it. ...Then Jacob shows up to tell him to go to the island. He obviously doesn't right away. Three stinking years pass. Then Locke shows up in the desert and Widmore tells him that a war is coming and that "the wrong side will win" if Locke DOESN'T go back to the island. Now, Locke going back to the island is how Smokey killed Jacob. So who exactly was Widmore working for at this point? He seemed to have more knowledge of things than he had before, but did Jacob visit after the whole John Locke thing? How does Jacob leave the island anyway, if the Man in Black can never leave (even before he was smoke). What did Widmore want with the island before, since his motives have now changed?

That mysterious boy showed up again, stole ashes from Hurley, then Hurley ran into Jacob burning said ashes. So is this further evidence that the boy is Jacob (he did say "they're mine")? I think this will be yet another thing they bring up in the finale, but did we really need another mystery?

Speaking of kids, just where the heck are Cindy, Zach and Emma? And why did Jacob let them get brought to the island in the first place? I can buy that all his candidates were unhappy and lonely and whatever. But Zach and Emma had a mommy waiting for them. Were they just collateral damage when he decided to crash a whole plane? Or were they seriously considered to be candidates? ...Here's a really crazy idea: the planes instruments showed them to be off course long before they crashed, and we know they only crashed because of the system failure with the Swan hatch. So might it be that Jacob intended the plane to land on the island relatively safely, and didn't mean for so many to die? Because I doubt Jacob has control over the button and everything...

Back to the ashes now. First of all, there's like a handful of ashes. I don't know how long it takes to burn ashes (since usually the ashes of something are whats left after it burns), but Jacob says he'll be gone when they are all burned up. And then like hours go by. Them's some slow-burning ashes, yeah? And what the heck is that about anyway? Besides the fact that suddenly now Jacob can be seen and heard by everyone because his remains glow in a magic fire? His spirit will hang around until his remains are fully destroyed? When did Jacob become Freddy Kreuger?

Well, bye Richard, so unceremoniously blasted by Smoke. We never did see a body though, so maybe he's not dead, just wounded (considering his immortality this seems very likely). Still, funny how he's all "I'm gonna go talk to him", then step outside and bam!

We haven't heard almost anything about Penny all season. Good to see Locke bringing her in as part of negotiations with Widmore, and nice to know that the Ben/Widmore rule game is still in play. When he leaned in close and whispered to Locke, I knew he would die but I expect Locke to knife him. I like that Ben killed him, kind of as payment for Alex. I wonder if he still plans on killing Penny, or if this makes them even. His last attempt wasn't very successful. I love when he says "He doesn't get to save his daughter."

Miles had some really fun lines in this one. I don't remember specifically. But like when he goes "both good plans, but I vote for surviving." I wonder where Miles has gotten to now.

For everyone still not liking Jacob, here's a first: he admits wrongdoing! After "Across the Sea" people were complaining that Jacob is a jerk who made the Man in Black the way he is so it's all his fault. Well, here Jacob admits the mistake! And he says that he's been bringing people to the island looking for a replacement. This tells me that, if he's telling the truth (and remember, "Jacob doesn't know how to lie"), he never intended to toy with random people until after the MIB set his mind on killing him. ...of course it's a delicious irony that MIB was only able to kill him through the bringing of new people to the island.

It suddenly struck me: this whole show then begins because one guy messed up with his family thousands of years ago, and now has been whisking people away against their will looking for someone to take over. ...This is the exact plot of Star Trek: Voyager. I've been watching Voyager this whole time!

For all of that talk about why Kate's name was crossed off, Jacob wasn't very concerned about it. "It's just a line of chalk in a cave," he says, "if you want the job it's yours." So does this hold true for everyone? Could like Bernard be the new island keeper? Funny that Kate was eliminated for being a mother, which she never really was. ...and doesn't that mean that she DIDN'T have to come back to the island in "316"??

Jacob go down to the pool of light. As I predicted, Jack is going to be the new guy, and as I predicted they do the little drinking ceremony. Watching that scene got me thinking... how is Jacob holding that torch? Like, he's just an apparition, right? I know that Dave threw a rock and stuff, but is the torch real? If the ashes burn up and Jacob disappears, will the torch fall on the ground?

Jack is the new Jacob. For how long? For as long as he can, says Jacob. I never thought when I started watching this show 6 years ago that it would eventually have the same plot as The Santa Clause.

Now Smokey wants to destroy the whole island. Yeah, what else is new?

Oh Benji, you flip flop more than John Kerry. Is Ben really with Smokey at this point, or is he just biding his time? I know he hated Widmore, so that part's understandable. But I wouldn't put it past Ben to still be manipulating.

Jack has a new cut on his neck; where did that come from?

I know TV is always full of off-brand food names, but tonight's I found humorous. The cereal Jack, Claire and David eat is called Super Bran. Doesn't sound very appetizing. All I could think of was that SNL commercial about Colon Blow cereal.

Desmond has really stepped up his manipulation game. He's even making phony phone calls. I'm not sure why he bothered lying to Jack about the coffin though since he's just planning to be at David's concert (I'm assuming that's the concert he means at the end of the episode). And he does a good fake accent.

Part of my problem with this episode is that it's all about gathering all the sideways-losties together. Well, I was all ready for that three episodes ago! Then it started, nothing happened, and the separated again. So a lot of this felt been-there done-that. which makes the sideways even more annoying.

It took a whole season, but even sideways Ben gets beaten to a pulp! He wouldn't be Ben without a beating!

Of course, Danielle shows up. We learn that in this world Robert died when Alex was two. I still would like to know why they are living in L.A.

I like that we get the people in prison rounded up. This would have been a nice episode to see Jin and Sun again, though. I love when Sayid says Desmond is crazy, and Desmond backs him up essentially by saying he turned himself in after running down a man in a wheelchair.

Locke and Jack have some familiar dialogue, throwing around the "don't mistake coincidence for fate" slogan and such. Now Locke wants the surgery because he's "meant to". That's the Locke I remember!

Ana Lucia is here! And she's a crooked cop. ...Really not much of a stretch there. Good to see Hurley come to the rescue. I wonder if Ana Lucia will show up ultimately in Desmond's plan. He said she wasn't ready. I guess she was on the plane too, and I wonder if she knew Sawyer was there.

Another recurrence of a stranger giving Kate a dress to wear. Why is Desmond taking her to the concert? Will any of this really make any sense? Will it make any difference?

We come to the end now people. Personally, I hope the sideways stuff doesn't end up being a big waste of time. Even if the finale resolves it nicely, I hate when series finales end up just wrapping up season arcs rather than whole series. Well, we'll all know soon. Sunday's on the way!

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