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LOST: "The Candidate" Reflections SPOILERS!

Now, before we move ahead I just want to make it clear that this post will contain SPOILERS!! for anyone who hasn't yet watched the episode. Do not read if you do not want to be SPOILED, unless you are already a spoiled brat.

I didn't really see the need to revisit the cages. It felt like the writers were doing it just for the sake of doing it. However, I did like that little moment where Sawyer called Widmore's bluff about killing them, and Widmore countered by saying that he can kill Kate because she's not on the list. That's true, she's not anymore.

Speaking of lists, where did Widmore get this list? And are we to believe that the infamous "Jacob's list" from way back in season three has been just one list this whole time? Is this supposed to have been that list? Or is Jacob always making silly lists? And in the end, were any of the lists the Others knew about really Jacob's anyway? I only ask because at one point neither Kate nor Sawyer was on "Jacob's list".

Once Jack broke his friends out of the cages, they all headed to the plane. I could not understand why they weren't still trying for the sub. It made no sense to me. Wasn't the plan from the outset to take the sub? So why were they going to the plane in the first place? And then they get there only to be told there are explosives on it, and they should all head for the submarine.

I wonder if Widmore was responsible for the explosives on the submarine really, or if Locke had planted them there himself. It does seem strange that he claims Widmore wanted to kill them all in one place which ends up being exactly what Locke wants. But Locke does still want to leave the island, and the plane may be his only way to do that. So maybe it was Widmore after all.

I love when Smokey told Jack that whoever told him to stay on the island was wrong, and then Jack says "John Locke told me" and throws him in the water. ...Isn't it kind of sad that worked? Of course, since it was all part of Locke's master plan, maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

This point I don't know about because I haven't double checked or freeze framed or anything. But did anyone else think that the last of Widmore's men that Locke shot on the dock looked an awful lot like Jacob?

I got very concerned when Jack became stuck on the submarine, wondering how he was going to get back to the island.

I really liked the music in this episode, particularly the bits when Locke was on the plane. So much of the Lost music is familiar themes, but this episode had bits of originality that felt straight out of a Hitchcock film. I liked that.

There's a tiny part of my that's getting annoyed with Smokey Locke because he seems to be almost too good a manipulator. Every teeny weeny thing ends up being part of his diabolical plan. And that strikes me as just a tad too convenient. It's like the Joker in The Dark Knight. It all feels fine while it's going along, but on looking back there is just no way he could have had all those pieces set up ahead of time to finish the way they did.

It's clear that Smokey's plan was to kill off all of the remaining candidates. I knew there was something fishy about his "I need all of them or I can't leave" story. It just never made any sense to me. For it to be a lie does make sense. Now, I don't know if I believe Jack that he can't leave unless they are all dead, but I know that he would want to kill anyone Jacob was trying to use. Jack has certainly gone the way of Locke in this episode becoming a believer. It makes sense he'd not fear the bomb anymore after watching Richard's failed suicide. But was it ever going to be that they all survive, or was it only ever going to be that just Jack survived? Sayid told Jack "It's going to be you". This clearly supports my assumptions from last week are correct, and Jack is the candidate who will replace Jacob. I believe the series will end with Jack on the island, maybe even with an "eye close" shot to mirror the eye open of the pilot. This is not a spoiler, just speculation.

Sayid is gone after the explosion. Did it kill him? Jack says rather cryptically "There is no Sayid". Does this perhaps mean that Sayid was essentially dead back at the Temple, and this Sayid was merely a zombie and of no consequence anyway? Regardless, it seems his purpose has been fulfilled. Kate's been shot, and just like on any other TV show it conveniently got her in the arm and conveniently went straight through. And what of Sun and Jin? At first I thought perhaps this would get rid of Sun, thus proving that Jin was the Kwon from the wall. And yet, in an interesting reversal of the events on the Freighter, Jin chooses to stay rather than leave so that neither of them will be stuck without the other one. And thus we are left with more apparent drowning deaths, just like Joanna and Charlie.

My question though is whether Sun and Jin are in fact dead. What if Jack was right, and they cannot die? We never saw them die. We saw them clasp hands underwater and then it went to commercial. Now, there's no sensible way they can survive, but then again Locke should never have survived falling from the window. I'm just throwing it out there that they shot it in such an oblique way as to allow for the possibility that they would live. Just like on X-Files when Spender got shot but you never saw it, and then he turned up alive later on. Or Tony Almeida on 24. So I'm not quite ready to count Sun and Jin out yet. Unfortunately, Smokey seems to have a sixth sense about this sort of thing, and he implies they ARE dead. He tells Claire that "not all of them" are dead. This implies some of them are. So maybe Sun and Jin are gone. If so, too bad; that leaves little Ji Yeon orphaned and a needless casualty of storytelling (which is yet another reason I'm not buying it).

The season's penchant for having lead characters drop like flies as we get closer to the end is starting to remind me of the final episodes of Sailor Moon and everyone died in those too. That would make Jack the Sailor Moon of this scenario. But they all came back again at the end of Sailor Moon, so I'm still not discounting the possibility.

I mentioned above that Jack had become very much like Locke. Well, there on the beach, Locke had his own little "Deus Ex Machina" moment. He believed so hard, and now it seems Sun and Jin are dead, just like Boone. I half expected him to pound on the sand and shout "Why are you doing this?!"

I wonder where Ben and Richard are...

Unfortunately, it seems that all the set-up from last week of getting the Losties together in one or two places hasn't amounted to anything as I'd hoped. It ended up being just a Jack flash-sideways about his need to fix things, in this case Locke.

It was nice to see Bernard again, and actually working as a dentist.

I thought that the explanation for Locke being in the wheelchair this time was very interesting. He was flying a plane and crashed it, crippling not only himself but his father. That's quite a reversal, still allowing Locke to feel pathetic and guilt-ridden. It also brings back the plane motif. In a way, it recalls Boone, who died in a crashing plane because of Locke's guidance. I wonder if there is anything Jack could do for Cooper as well as Locke.

I wonder what the point was of Christian giving Claire the music box. I knew it would play "Catch a Falling Star". It just seemed like an excuse to get her and Jack talking. And now everyone starts going back to their own lives again. What about Desmond's plan? What was the point of any of this?

Locke in his sleep seemed to have memories of the island, like pushing the button.

I'm really anxious for the flash-sideways to end already. Last week's was a set-up to nothing, and this week's though a character study, also didn't get us any further.

With just 3 more episodes left, I'm looking forward to what will happen next week. Will anyone else drop dead? Will Desmond's purpose be revealed?

...And then there were 4.

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