Wednesday, May 12, 2010

an error on Glee

I've not posted anything about Glee here before. Glee is one of the best new shows on TV, I just haven't had time to do proper reviews.

However, I must address something from this week's episode. There's a joke made about how Puck relates Super Mario Bros. to shifts in our society. Actually, Mario Bros. really IS significant in our culture, and I think Puck might be onto something. But there's unfortunately some wrong information here.

It's not the first time Glee has messed up. When Rachel was in Cabaret, they were basing it on the film rather than the stage show, using the song "Maybe This Time" and even dialogue from the film. That annoyed me because I know better.

Likewise, this week Puck said that "what made Super Mario 3 so great was the Star Worlds. Nothing like that had ever been done before." Now, Mario 3 was a game-changer in many respects and possibly the greatest Mario game ever. But there are no Star Worlds in Mario 3. The Star Worlds are in the inaugural SNES game Super Mario World. In that game, there were secret levels that all led to the "Star Road", which was a whole bonus level of worlds to beat. It really WAS super cool, and a great addition to the series. But it wasn't in Mario 3. I'm just a little disappointed that fact was gotten wrong.

Anyway, that's it. I'm a nerd, and I care about that sort of thing. Now if you have the ability, go play Mario World or Mario 3, whichever. They're both great.


  1. Hey, I searched for this error as soon as I heard him saw that and found this post. You're totally right--Star World was in Super Mario World.

  2. what!!? how could they make such an obvious error? EVERYONE knows star world was mario world! that makes me sad.