Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stupid Daylight Savings Time

Before I get into the reflections for this episode I just have to say... Daylight Savings Time does it to me again! Two years ago, I set my VCR to tape Lost, but because DST had moved ahead I never thought to change the VCR clock, and thus I got only 30 seconds of Lost. I never got to see that episode until the DVD came out 8 months later. I very much resented it as I tape every episode and had this gap there. Well, now it's done it to me again! I'm not home on Tuesday nights right now, so I have to tape Lost and then watch it when I get home. My VCR's been eating tapes so I also set it on my DVD recorder. Anyway, I have these two machines all set up and BOTH of them gave me an hour of Flash Forward because of Daylight Savings Time. At least I can watch Lost online now, but I still find it terribly aggravating.

Over the years I've had several VCR related mishaps with Lost. During season 4, I had to go out to Missouri for my sister's wedding and couldn't watch the show. I set the VCR back home, but when I got home I found that the machine was terribly messed up. It recorded the show, but not the sound. So I had to watch the entire episode with the captions on. The following week, the VCR ate the tape and didn't properly record. I had to watch that one online.

I now cannot watch Lost until tomorrow because the full episode isn't up yet on ABC.com. What a pain in the neck. Stupid Daylight Savings Time.

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