Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOST: "Recon" Reflections

Locke is a deceiver. "The Black Smoke killed them." Yeah, never mind that you ARE the Black Smoke. Interesting that he told Sawyer that.

As I suspected, Locke is concerned about the other Ajira passengers on Hydra island. Though I suspected he simply wanted to recruit more people, he is more concerned with whether Jacob has other agents there.

It's interesting that Locke plans to use the plane to escape. I wonder if the building of the runway was his idea way back when.

Wait, the dress Kate wore is still in the bear cage?

The scene with Kate and Claire was fascinating. First the exchange with Sayid. "Sayid, Are you all right?" and the way he says "No." Then Claire suddenly pulls a knife on Kate; she really does want to kill her. And Sayid doesn't do anything to stop it, which is totally out of character for him. But the kicker was the way Claire's "friend" Locke treats her. Throwing her off Kate and smacking her good. "This is inappropriate. I'll deal with you later." If he's been treating Claire this way for the past three years, it's no wonder she's messed up. Not that she didn't deserve it that time.

Whoa, who's been killing all the Ajira passengers? Was it Widmore's people? That Tina Fey-looking woman? And if so, why exactly?

Kate was really shaken up by the Claire incident. I wonder why it troubled her so much; it's not as if she's never had her life threatened. Locke was quite persuasive, wasn't he? The way he subtley said "Have you ever had someone you needed to hate?" He really does know how to push people's buttons doesn't he?

Apparently it's not just daddy issues; the Man in Black had mommy issues! It's possible he was talking about Locke's mom, since she was crazy, but the way he was talking really seemed to me more like it was the Man in Black's mother, not Locke's.

Sawyer's going to deliver Locke to Widmore so that Widmore can kill him? How do we know Widmore isn't working for Locke? And if he's not what is he doing here? I do not understand Widmore's motivations.

Aha, Sawyer's playing both sides again! He wants to take Widmore's submarine? Well, it's a good idea I suppose, but what about the contents of the locked room? What could it be? Is it dangerous?

It's been a long time since we saw Sawyer pull that con. And the girl pulling the gun on him! That was hilarious! That whole scene was very interesting, playing out as a back and forth of each sizing up the story of the other one. I rather like that Sawyer's a cop in this universe. I wonder when and how he went legit, or was he always this way in this world? He would still have written the Sawyer letter.

Incidentally, I realize that James Ford doesn't go by "Sawyer" in this universe, but I'm just going to call him Sawyer throughout.
Good to see Miles. I wonder what got him into police work.

It's interesting that Sawyer became a detective and uses that to search for Anthony Cooper. Sawyer's dynamic with Miles is also very interesting. I like that Sawyer still keeps to himself; he's the same guy, but ultimately confides in Miles.

Oh look, Charlotte's here. I wonder if she knows Faraday in this universe. ...Then again, I wonder if there even IS a Faraday in this universe. Maybe after the Incident he was never born.

Nice touch that he still reads Watership Down.

It's Liam!! Does this mean DriveShaft are still together? That Liam wasn't living in Australia? Or did he just hop on a plane to spring his brother out of jail?

Sawyer's still watching Little House. And I remember that episode for some reason. He also shows up at Charlotte's door with a sunflower just like he did for Juliet back in the Dharma days. Of course, things ended differently this time.

Was there even a question that it was going to be Kate that ran into Sawyer's car?

Of all the flash-sideways so far, I think I like Sawyer's the best. It's a very neat sort of reversal from the Sawyer we know, yet it isn't. The dynamics worked a lot better for me than some of the other ones. I'm not usually a fan of Sawyer episodes. But this one I liked.

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