Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LOST: "Lighthouse" Reflections

Again, spoilers abound, so don't read if you've not seen the episode!

I find it interesting that Claire knows people left the island. Sure she was around when Jack was talking about it, but she was gone with Christian before anyone actually left. Maybe Christian told her? And while we're on this subject, I would like to know why she thinks Aaron is with the Others. So Smokey and her dad told her. Right... but she did just leave Aaron in the woods. Was her memory of this wiped? If she doesn't have her son it's sort of her own fault. It would also appear that Smokey is manipulating Claire so that she will war against the Others with this false information. It makes me wonder if that's one reason that Danielle was left alone; the Others DID have her baby, so she was at the ready to catch and kill them. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, something like that?

We also know conclusively what some of has have already been saying: the Christian Shepherd apparition and the Smokey Locke are not the same being. Claire referred to "my dad and my friend" as two separate individuals. They do seem to be in cahoots though.

I like that Hurley compares Jacob to Obi-Wan Kenobi, a pretty accurate description at this point.

They found Shannon's inhaler! That's a nice callback to an episode that never had a resolution. But wait, they found the inhaler in the dirt by the caves. So unless someone moved it, wouldn't this mean that the inhaler was RIGHT THERE the whole time? Shannon's there dying in the cave and her inhaler is ten feet away! And if it wasn't always there, then when and how did it get there?

I have to say, it was GREAT to see the caves again. I've wondered for the longest time why that place was never seen again. I know there was the hatch and all, but it just seemed like the caves were abandoned for no good reason way back. I think we may get an explanation about the bodies there this season (yay!), and that's why they put that scene there, specifically pointing out the skeletons.

I'm also left wondering why Christian led Jack to the caves? Was "the island" leading Jack, or was Smokey leading Jack? If Christian is working with the MiB, then he's likely no good, and if he's no good, why did he do that? Was it just to split up the Losties?

I'd also like to point out that Hurley brings up the "what if the skeletons are us?" question regarding time travel. I follow this basic rule with Lost: if a fan theory is mentioned on the show, then it isn't true. Just like when Sun thought they were all in hell, or Juliet joked about aliens, or Dave said it was all in Hurley's head. So I believe that since Hurley brought it up on the show, that's conclusive proof that the skeletons are NOT the bones of time-traveled Losties like Rose and Bernard, and we will learn their identities later.

I was just starting to write "why have we never seen the Lighthouse before" when Jack said it for me. Thanks Jack! I think it's a lame explanation, but then, they did the same thing to us when the pulled the "second island" twist. Where is the lighthouse in relation to everything else?

Jin tells Claire that Kate took Aaron and has been raising him for three years, so she shouldn't kill the Other guy. But wait, how does Jin know? Once again, they give Jin knowledge he really shouldn't have. Jin was on the freighter trying to keep the bomb from going off. At that time, Sun had Aaron, and that should be all Jin knows. Then the helicopter takes off with Sun, and the freighter explodes, throwing Jin into the sea. He washes up on the island later, and doesn't see any of them for three years. So how does he know Kate has been raising the baby? Did she work that into conversation at some point in the week they were in Dharmaville? I suppose it's possible, and less of a stretch than Jin knowing where the radio tower is, but it still frustrates me.

Why would Claire kill Kate? She should be happy that Aaron wasn't with the Others? Maybe it has to do with that "raised by another" thing?

I wonder why the lighthouse was being set at 108º. Besides that it's the only other number, of course. Who is at 108º who could be coming to the island? It's apparently something good, since Jacob wants them there. (Yes, I still believe Jacob is good.) I wonder if it's the Losties in the sideways timeline.

The lighthouse mirrors are a nice spin on the "magic mirror" motif in fairy stories. Jacob has a magic mirror to watch people in! It's sort of like Ozma's magic picture in the latter Oz books.

Oh look, lots MORE crossed out names for fans to spend hours trying to read!

I really like the moment with Jacob and Hurley where he says sometimes you can just get in a cab and tell someone to go, and sometimes you have to let them stare at the ocean. I found the scene profound.

Why does Jin lie to Claire? Is he just doing it to protect Kate? What good is it to tell her something that is completely untrue about Aaron?

Claire knows that this Locke is not Locke. I'm curious how she knows right away, and what he looked like to her before he took Locke's appearance.

The opening was a parallel to the opening of "Something Nice Back Home" when Jack was living with Kate. I was wondering if we'd get to see the appendectomy scar, and we do! There's another sign of disorientation as Jack doesn't remember when he had his appendix removed. His mother tells him it was when he was seven, and he vaguely remembers, but it seems he has some other memory.

Jack's got a son in this timeline. But apparently he and Sarah are still separated. Sarah WAS pregnant at some point in flashbacks in our timeline, so maybe that was his baby? Maybe he has a son in our timeline too and just doesn't know it? Anyway, so this Jack has a son named David. Did Jack and Sarah split up recently, or was it some time ago? I wonder if there's any Biblical significance to the name David Shepherd (you know, since David was a shepherd).

They did a GREAT casting job of that kid! He looks just like Matthew Fox.

I keep saying Sarah is David's mother, but I should point out that the episode never said so, and it may be a totally different woman. Anyway, the key to Sarah's house is guarded by a white rabbit figurine. Is that more Alice symbolism? I like that David is reading Alice, and it's the Annotated Alice, which is excellent.

The story of the father just making it in time for their kids' recital is cliche, but this episode at least twists on that by making it an audition. Interesting that Dogan (the Japanese guy) is there too.

This sideways story ties into Jack's line in the other timeline that he'd be a terrible father. I wonder what has led him to that point. He was doing alright with Aaron. This Jack seems to get things on track in the end.

I do hope that soon there becomes more relevance to the flash-sideways because the lure of them as a curiosity is wearing off.

Favorite line: "I just lied to a samurai!"

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