Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Totally Snubbed

The great travesty of the Oscar nominations is that there was one glaring omission; a film missing from every single category. It was one of the most highly anticipated films, one of the most debated films, and I believe will be one of the most enduring films. That movie was Where the Wild Things Are. Where was it? Even with 1o films in the category it couldn't secure a best picture nomination? Over The Blind Side? No screenplay nomination. No music nomination. No directing nomination. And one of the greatest travesties, no acting nominations at all. Now, I understand that most of the beings are people in suits, CG-enhanced. But Catherine Keener gives a lovely supporting performance in her limited screen time. And let us not forget the towering achievement from Max Records, who carries this movie. It is an absolute farce that Max, one of the most moving and real performances of the year, gets totally forgotten. His name should be remembered among the great child performances, so many of which got nominations. Mickey Rooney, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Anna Paquin, Haley Joel Osment, Tatum O'Neal, that girl from The Goodbye Girl. If the Academy is smart, they will rectify this by giving him an honorary Oscar and reinstate the juvenile award.

I'm glad so many films I liked got recognition, but I am thorougly disappointed that one of the best films of the year and one which I truly believe will outlast half of the films on that list was shut out of every category. This is one of the worst snubs in Oscar history.

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