Monday, October 3, 2011


I was surprised by last night's episode of The Simpsons, as it extolled the wonders of Teddy Roosevelt. Bart came to see Teddy as a role model and told his friends about how cool he was. There was even a debate with Lisa over which Roosevelt was a better president. I loved it because Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite president (you heard me, Lincoln!).

I thought the show was a great way to remind America what a cool guy he was. And remember, he was never elected President; he got the job because McKinley was shot. And yet he did so much good for the country and for conservation. And did you know that he had a slightly high-pitched creaky voice? He was the first President to have his voice recorded on phonograph, and it's strange hearing him knowing his image. In our media-heavy culture where every little flaw in a politician is ruthlessly ripped apart, I respect a guy who can speak before people with a voice like that. And rock the spectacles-and-mustache look like nobody can! And really, I respect anybody with the balls to name his kid Kermit. And remember, this was a guy who got SHOT in the middle of a speech, and kept going!

Now, he did rally to get America into the first World War, which I don't agree with. But perhaps his leadership would have been better than Wilson's was. Strike that; it DEFINITELY would have been better than Wilson's was. Ultimately, any involvement in that European mess I think would always have been a mistake, but Roosevelt would not have tried any of that League of Nations nonsense. Because that concept has worked really well in the years since then, right?

Best argument for Teddy in last night's episode though?
Lisa (arguing for FDR): Face on a dime!
Bart (arguing for TR): Face on a mountain!

Couldn't have said it better. He's the Rushmore face that gets the least respect, but I'd argue in terms of Presidency deserves that spot certainly better than Jefferson. His legacy lives on in National Parks, the Panama Canal and of course, the teddy bear. Just think, without him, no Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Thank you Teddy Roosevelt. And thank you The Simpsons. Bully for you!

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