Thursday, September 22, 2011

update about Glee

The new season of Glee has started up again, and just like last year I will be doing weekly reviews and critiques of the show. However, because I am not currently home on Tuesday nights, it will take a little longer.

Until then, enjoy this spot-on educational parody. If Sesame Street would whittle away the overuse of Elmo and Abby and do more of this stuff, it would be better off. It also includes the gayest muppet they will probably ever include (a fabulous critique of Kurt). Oh, by the way Sesame Street, why is it three different g-g-guys have played Gordon? Is it a rule that every black man has to be named G-G-Gordon, or did you think the kids wouldn't notice that you g-g-got a new actor? Just something I was thinking about today for some reason.

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