Friday, July 9, 2010

Emmy Hopes

First of all, let me say these are not my predictions for who will win the Emmys this year. These are just who I like in each category.

Lead Actor Comedy -- Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory. Alec Baldwin is great but always wins, and Steve Carrell is great too but the Office is winding down
Lead Actress Comedy -- Tina Fey, 30 Rock. I like Glee, but I just don't get enough of a lead vibe from Lea Michelle to warrant her nomination winning
Lead Actor Drama -- VERY tough call. I'm going with Hugh Laurie from House this year. I love Bryan Cranston's work on Breaking Bad, but he's won twice and this year felt a little less for me. Fox did some of his better work this year, but he won't win unless there's a big Lost sympathy push. Hugh Laurie has done a lot of particularly good work this year; I wonder what episode he submitted?
Lead Actress Drama -- ...who cares? Give it to January Jones because I'm sick of most of the others
Comedy series -- Glee. Love 30 Rock, but it doesn't have to win every year.
Drama series -- very tough call. I'll say Breaking Bad, though I wasn't as crazy about this season. Lost is being judged purely on the finale, I think, and it's the sort of thing voters like, so Lost might squeak in another win, but it will probably go to Mad Men again. ...I should really start watching Mad Men.
Lead Actor Miniseries -- Michael Sheen as Tony Blair, just because he does it so well.
Lead Actress Miniseries -- don't care in any way. It'll probably go to Claire Danes.
TV Movie -- don't care
Miniseries -- The Pacific. Thank God they didn't nominate that awful Prisoner remake
Reality competition -- Amazing Race. It always wins because it's the lesser of evils
Variety/Comedy show -- would love to see it go to Conan O'Brien's tonight show
Animated -- hope it doesn't go to South Park's big 2-parter with Mohammed. Otherwise don't care. Maybe Ricky Gervais Show
Art Direction Miniseries -- dont care
Art Direction multi-camera -- How I Met Your Mother
Art Direction single camera -- tough call, but I'll say Lost. It's for "Ab Aeterno"
Art Direction variety etc -- SNL
Casting comedy -- Glee
Casting drama -- don't care
Casting miniseries -- don't care
Children's nonfiction -- give it to the Sesame Street thing
Children's program -- iCarly. No contest.
Choreography -- ouch, way to burn Glee with no nomination! I dunno, one of the So You Think You Can Dance
Cinematography half hour -- don't care
Cinematography miniseries -- better not go to the Prisoner
Cinematography one-hour -- Breaking Bad
Cinematography nonfiction -- don't care, but it's going to Life
Cinematography reality -- Amazing Race (but would love to see it go to Dirty Jobs)
Commercial -- Old Spice!!
Costumes miniseries -- don't care
Costumes series -- Glee
interactive media -- Jimmy Fallon (though who cares? Why are we giving awards to the internet?)
Direction comedy -- Glee (for the Pilot)
Direction drama -- Breaking Bad, though it might go to Lost
Direction miniseries -- don't care
Direction variety -- Colbert Report
Direction nonfiction -- Monty Python: Almost the Truth
Guest Actor comedy -- Mike O'Malley, Glee. SOOO glad he was nominated, though I would have picked a different episode.
Guest Actor drama -- Gregory Itzin, 24. Didn't watch it at all this year, but I love to hate President Logan.
Guest Actress comedy -- Betty White, SNL (isn't it funny that sometimes SNL is comedy, and sometimes it's variety?)
Guest Actress drama -- Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost
Hairstyling miniseries -- don't care
Hairstyling multi-camera -- How I Met Your Mother
Hairstyling single camera -- Glee (Power of Madonna)
Reality Host -- why is this a category?
Lighting Direction (electronic) -- SNL
Main Title Design -- Bored to Death
Make-up miniseries (non prosthetic) -- don't care
Make-up multi-camera (non prosthetic) -- don't care
Make-up single camera (non prosthetic) -- wanna say Glee, but don't wanna support the Lady Gaga episode
Music for miniseries -- don't care
Music for series -- Lost
Music direction -- don't care
Nonfiction series -- don't care
Nonfiction special -- just please not the Obama thing
Main Title theme music -- don't care
Music and Lyrics -- How I Met Your Mother
Editing comedy -- don't care. maybe 30 Rock
Editing special -- don't care
Editing nonfiction -- Deadliest Catch
Editing reality -- Amazing Race
Prosthetic Make-up -- oh, I don't know who to root for anymore. Let's say True Blood
Reality -- Mythbusters
Short Film editing -- anything but American Idol is fine
Short form animated -- wow, surprisingly I haven't seen nor care about any of the nominees
Editing drama -- Lost
editing miniseries -- don't care
sound editing miniseries -- The Pacific
Sound editing series -- Lost or Breaking Bad
Sound editing nonfiction -- Teddy: In His Own Words
Sound mixing half hour series -- 30 Rock
Sound mixing drama -- hard choice. House
sound mixing miniseries -- it's all The Pacific, so it doesn't matter what I say here
sound mixing variety -- Academy Awards. Notice the awful Tonys were not nominated here
sound mixing nonfiction -- don't care
Special Class -- don't care, but it's one more category Lost could win
Visual effects miniseries -- The Pacific
Visual effects series -- Caprica
Stunt coordination -- hard to say... give it to Chuck
Supporting actor comedy -- hmm... Chris Colfer, Glee
Supporting actor drama -- Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad. Much as I love both of our Lost nominees, they've both won already, and I thought Aaron did some really good work this year.
Supporting actor miniseries, etc -- Patrick Stewart, Hamlet
Supporting actress comedy -- Jane Lynch, Glee
Supporting actress drama -- don't care
Supporting actress miniseries -- Catherine O'Hara, Temple Grandin. I just like her.
tech direction miniseries -- don't care
tech direction series -- Big Bang Theory
Variety special -- don't care
Voice-over -- Hank Azaria, The Simpsons
Writing comedy -- Glee
Writing drama --'s hard to say "anything but Lost", but...
Writing miniseries -- don't care
Writing variety -- Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (or Colbert Report)
Writing variety special -- Bill Maher
Writing nonfiction -- oh, let's give it to that National Parks thing

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  1. holy crap all these categories make my head want to explode!
    also, i don't know how you even know all these people/ shows or whatever...