Friday, April 9, 2010

The Songs That Never End

Sometimes when I'm at work, I like to hum little things in my head. Or outright sing them. But as I work in a library, I can usually only get away with that in the children's room. I find some of the best things to sing while doing monotonous work are repetitive goofy songs. They also keep you in a goofy mood. I think the best of these are usually written for children, are things you remember from being a kid, and are things that you could never get away with singing very long among friends or relations before being told to shut up. ...or "Agh! You got that thing stuck in my head!"

Well, I for one like having some of these stuck in my head, much more than other songs. Given the choice between Beyonce's "Single Ladies" or "Elmo's Song", I'd much rather have Elmo in my head all day.

After coming across some favorites on YouTube today, I decided that I would try on a regular basis to post about a particular annoying song that I love. It was a hard decision, but I think today's is going to be the opening song about pickles from the Dr. Seuss special Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You? I think this has also been released on DVD as Pontoffel Pock's Magic Piano. Either way, the pickle song is a great little song to sing while working because it is a work song. The best of these songs are songs you can sing forever, and you could do that with this one. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, take a look at the start of the movie:

It also closes the movie too!

I like the song so much, and every now and then there comes a day when it pops into my head. In fact, I was singing it just yesterday. Doesn't that look like a fun pickle factory? Even if it smells like pickle and you have to stand all day, you get to sing that song all the time! Oh, and it's a fun song to whistle too. Many good ear worms are great whistle tunes as well.

So get singing everyone!
A pull on the pull-um, a push on the push-um, and the pickles go into the jar!

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  1. I have never seen this. If only every day at work was such fun. The dwarfs had it right "Hi! Ho!"