Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LOST: "Everybody Loves Hugo" Reflections

I'm very aggravated right now, because I got through half of my post and suddenly it disappeared. Now I have to try to write it all over again. There's a half hour down the electromagnetic well.

Like "What Kate Did", this episode title references a previous title, which as it is was a reference to a sitcom title. Everything comes full circle.

It was good to see Michael again. I guess the dead are forever directing Hurley now. I liked that he was remorseful about LIbby. It would be nice if he could see Walt again (they had BETTER pay off the Walt thing).

I was confused by Jack's actions early on. Two weeks ago he told Sun that he was not going to blow up the plane, and he was going to get her and Jin off the island with it. So color me confuddled when he's cheerily marching to the Black Rock to get dynamite to blow up the plane!

When Ilana blew up, it was more sudden than Arzt. I had to reassure myself of what had just happened. On the one hand, it's a bummer that it seems the whole Ilana thing was kind of a waste now. But on the other hand, I was glad to see it. Not because I wanted her dead, but because of the dynamite. When we first got the dynamite, someone exploded almost immediately. But since then, people have been carrying it all over the jungle and not being careful with it at all. It has bothered me that there's been no sense of danger around it anymore, so when someone finally blew up, I have to say it's about time.

And then Hurley went and blew the whole ship up! You know what this means? Hurley is the new John Locke! He's now taking mysterious orders from the island, trying to become a leader, blowing crap up to suit his own agenda. I hope the island isn't playing him, and I hope Hurley isn't in for the same end Locke suffered.

Speaking of which, who is manipulating Hurley? He trusts the ghosts, but who do the ghosts answer to? Because we saw Christian Shepherd take Michael from the freighter. Michael is directing Hurley. But Christian Shepherd was in cahoots with Smokey. So is Michael working with Smokey? Hurley does seem to be leading them directly where Smokey wants them.

On that note, I was glad when Hurley told Jack maybe he's not supposed to just let it go. Back at the lighthouse, Jacob seemed to indicate he had work for Jack to do. What was that? We don't know. But might it be that Jacob's plan for Jack is to NOT follow Hurley down this rabbit hole? Passive Jack may be a breath of fresh air, but I wonder what will come of all this.

I wonder who that boy is. We saw him again this episode, and he seems to be terribly important but we have no idea why. Where did he come from? Is he dead too? Is he an apparition like Walt? Is he the soul of Kate's horse? Who the heck is he??

It was good to see the Whispers recur. Unfortunately, if what we are told here is true, it's resulting in the most terrible retcon since Battlestar Galactica and the Kobol opera house. The Whispers are GHOSTS? Seriously?That is just plain dumb. Where does Walt fit into that, then? Because way back in season 2, the Walt apparition appeared at the presence of the Whispers. Was he being carted about by ghosts? What of the connection to the Others? As late as last season Ben told Rousseau to run if she heard Whispers. Or what about Harper in "The Other Woman", who also appeared out of the Whispers. We were led to believe all this time that the Whispers were the others. Could TPTB just not come up with any way to expain it? Was Harper a ghost? Can only Hurley see the ghosts? Because Juliet could see Harper, but Harper was supposedly at the Temple, and we didn't see her there. To make matters worse, if Michael is to be believed, the ghosts are trapped on the island for things they did. So at least for them, the island really IS hell or purgatory or whatever. Who else is there, and who is not? Does Christian Shepherd count? I don't think so, since he was able to appear on the freighter. Apparently Libby was an innocent so she's not. Are Nikki and Paolo walking around whispering? It makes no seeeeeeense!!!

Apparently there's more than one well. Did Dharma build a hatch at every well? I doubt there was a well at the Arrow. We also gain a bit of a time frame for when they were dug, since we know it was after the invention of magnetic compasses. Though that's not terribly helpful. If the wells were just holes dug for answers, why even bother making them wells? Why not just leave them as holes? Why brick up the sides? Why did the one by the Orchid have a rope? Why did they do the sides up first before digging down (as seen in the time flashes)? That's not at all an efficient way to dig a well! You dig it first, THEN you brick up the sides. ...or had it been filled in at that point? I'm a little confused and will have to check that again.

Did anyone expect Desmond NOT to be thrown into the well? It was obvious Locke was going to do that. I agree with Locke though that this new Desmond is odd; why ISN'T he scared? I guarantee Desmond is not gone. He will survive whatever anomaly is at the bottom of that well.

I didn't much comment on it before, but I have to agree with those who pointed out the difference in Sayid's voice. Naveen definitely seems to be downplaying the Sayid accent, making him sound more English. It's a little strange, and I'm not sure why that is. After 5 years, you'd think he would know his character. It bothers me because the same thing happened to Deanna Troi on Star Trek. She used to sound all exotic and kind of Israeli, but in the later movies and her Voyager appearances, it's just Marina being all british. Marina may be british, but Troi is not. Neither is Sayid.

Dr. Chang opens the episode. Does he work for Hurley now? I was hoping for proof that it's a Dr. Chang post-incident, but I couldn't tell if he had a prostethic arm or not. And he didn't seem to have aged very much, considering thirty years have passed.

I wonder if Rosalita ever showed up at the restaurant. And if not, why not? It's like she only existed as a plot device. But at least her name put one of the greatest Springsteen songs in my head.

Hooray, Libby's back! It was good to see her again. It's clear that they are continuing the love connections/second life stuff. It was also good to see her back at Santa Rosa. It seems in this universe she's been institutionalized for thinking she knew Hurley from somewhere. I guess we will never know why the other Libby was there.

I just knew that Desmond would make an appearance to Hurley somewhere here. Desmond in the flash-sideways is like a kind of Nick Fury, gathering his Avengers. You know, like the little scenes Marvel keeps putting at the end of their movies in preparation for the big Avengers movie. It's like that to me.

I like the scene with Hurley and Libby's beach picnic, though when it started I had a hard time focusing. There was that girl in the black bikini in the left-hand corner and I found her very... distracting.

I like Ben being on pervert alert with Desmond at the school. But I did not anticipate Desmond running over Locke. What is his plan? I have two theories. One, this will get Locke to Jack's hospital, Jack will fix Locke's spine, and then Desmond will gain both Jack and Locke as disciples of his second life/love thing. Or two, somehow this Locke will connect with the dead Locke in the other reality. Though I don't know how. But they are definitely gearing up for something.

Finally, I do not normally comment on promos, but this week they upped the creepiness scale by just flashing images accompanied b
y a seeming non sequitur: the audio from Willy Wonka! We hear the immortal and spooky "there's no earthly way of knowing" stuff. I wonder why they chose that bit. Did they have to pay Warner Bros. just to use it in the promo? Will that feature in next week's episode at all?

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