Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Feet

This post has nothing to do with that terrible penguin movie that inexplicably won an Oscar.

Last night, I was watching ABC and they were running Shark Tank in a special time slot because ABC has cancelled Selfie. That in itself makes me mad, because Selfie was shaping up to be a good show and I hope there are more episodes. But that's a topic for another day.

About halfway through the episode, the guy comes into the tank with his slipper company, Happy Feet. Now, I found this hilarious because during the commercial break I had literally just put on my Happy Feet slippers. If you've not heard of them or seen them, they're big comfy slippers sometimes designed to look like animals or silly things, and sometimes to look like cartoonishly large sneakers. They used to have a kiosk at the mall every year, and that's where I got mine. They've been doing most of their business online.

Anyway, I thought that little synchronicity was funny. If you're looking for Christmas presents (what's wrong with you? It isn't even Thanksgiving yet!), and you think you might give someone some slippers, why not check out the website? They've got a nice memory foam sole that, when they're new, is like walking on a cloud. I think they're more durable than standard slippers too; mine have lasted years. And I'm not shilling for the company or anything, I just genuinely like them. So if your in the market for some kooky slippers, or like walking on something soft and squishy all day, maybe you're in the market for a pair.

And now for no reason, I'm going to leave you with this video, because when I hear the phrase "Happy Feet", this is the first thing I think of.

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