Sunday, September 8, 2013

Poem of my Loneliness

May it be known that the following poem is my intellectual property and should not be reproduced or distributed without my permission, however you may link to this page should you so desire. Seriously, I'm extremely paranoid about the lack of privacy or respect of property on the internet and I take an awful risk even posting this. But as I've tried and failed several times to see it published, I produce it here. If it is misused, I will not hesitate to take it down. Please do not steal my words or ideas. This poem in its earliest draft is at least 5 years old.


I don't want someone to talk to.
I want someone to sit beside for hours
With that favorite T-shirt feeling,
Knowing love in comfortable silences.
And when it's you with me, we hold
Hands unconciously, or just touch fingers

I call you 
By nicknames from books you've never read
And you like it, though you don't
Like to read. So, I read them to you

When I vacuum I lift the rug
And unearth the letter E from when
I wouldn't let you cheat at Scrabble
So you threw all the tiles in anger. It's been
Hard to play without that E but
You still insist I let you win. So I don't

I freak out
And you're there. You hold  me
When I'm paranoid. I'm glad
You're watching me, even if they are too

I'm not around
When you find a spider. I come in
And you have bravely slain it. You're quick
Though to let me know you'll only do it

I study the freckles sparkling beneath
Your eyes like pavement sun sprinkles
And think of how far down they go in places 
I can't see when you're dressed.
I think about connecting them like stars
While you sleep. And I do

I imagine a world where
Your name is a swear word
And I swear
All the time.

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