Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bone of My Bones

I have not been a regular viewer of the series, but recently I've been watching Bones. I've always liked the concept, as a sort of cross between CSI and X-Files. Plus it has Zooey Deschanel's older sister Emily and an all grown up John Francis Daley from Freaks and Geeks. But I never was a regular viewer due to it sharing time slots with other things I watched. However, recently there has been nothing on on Friday nights, and I've enjoyed watching reruns.

This post is concerned with one particular episode, "The Prisoner in the Pipe", which I saw about a month ago. During this season, Bones has been pregnant and this is the episode where she finally gives birth. The rest of the plot has nothing to do with that, but those last ten minutes did something really cute.

Bones and Booth were interrogating a suspect, when Bones goes into labor. So they are racing to the hospital, but it doesn't look like they will make it. Luckily, they pass a nearby inn. Unfortunately, there is a large function there and the man outside refuses to let them in since there is no room... at the inn. However, when Bones pushes the issue, he points them to a building around back. And it is there in the  BARN around back that Bones gives birth. Booth even references the similarites to the Biblical narrative. I thought it was very cute that their baby was born in a stable behind a crowded inn. And what tops the whole thing? It's a baby girl, and guess what they name her: Christine! Yes, she had a little Christ child!

I've seen the nativity parallels done on other TV shows, and often it's too cute. For example, 7th Heaven had Haylie Duff as a pregnant girl who comes to Jesus just in time to play Mary in the town's living nativity scene. But in this case I thought they neatly addressed the parallels, but still made it true to the characters. The scene worked dramatically for the show even without having Biblical overtones; they just enhanced it for me. I left having thoroughly enjoyed the episode (and I've seen a LOT of birth episodes on television; ER did it like 5 times). The name Christine was perhaps the best part for me, being a derivation of Christ. Very cute, writers.

P.S. sometimes I think it would be fun for someone to do a movie about Rachel and Leah and cast the Deschanel sisters.

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