Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama and Osama

The glorious day long been hoped for in America has finally come. Public Enemy #1 Osama Bin Laden is dead.

For all the mistakes made over the past ten years strategically, something has finally happened. Something to show to the American people who ask why we have still been fighting. Our primary "war on terror" objective has at last been achieved.

I commend President Obama for giving the kill order, especially considering his previous foreign policy regarding Pakistan. I think this will also help vindicate President Bush for coming after him in the first place. The people can argue about the decisions made in the interim ten years, but I don't think the victory belongs to any one administration.

If anything, rather than give credit to the Commander in Chief, let's celebrate the military men who did the job! Congratulations and sincerest thanks to the servicemen who pulled off the operation with no American casualties. And since I have family ties to the Navy, I'm particularly pleased he was brought down by Navy SEALs.

So many of our prior foreign conflicts have been left without any sense of resolution. The death of Bin Laden has given us a sense of closure here. Whatever strategically foolish decisions were made at the top, Hussein is dead, Bin Laden is dead, and America rejoices.

Memorial Day is just a few weeks away. I am so glad that this Memorial Day present came early. May it be a reminder to all those in this country to think of the veterans and soldiers in their lives, and renew their faith in the military's ability to get the job done.

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