Friday, January 14, 2011


May it be known that the following poem is bizarre and you will probably hate it. May it also be known that it is my intellectual property and should not be reproduced or distributed without my permission, however you may link to this page should you so desire.


"brave Theof, home! Theand,
free Theof! land the oar!
wave yet, Banner Spangled-Star!"
Thatt does say, "oh!"
(there still was flag hour).
that night, Thee, through proof, gave—
air in bursting bombs—
the glare
(red rockets!),
Theand streaming gallantly so.
Werr watched.
We ramparts the oar-fight
Thee? through.
Star's bright 'and stripes broad—
"who's gleaming last twilight's, Thee?!"
At hailed We proudly (so what?).
light early dawns...
the bye...
see? You can say, "oh!"

1 comment:

  1. Interesting, I come back to read it. I get a strong feeling but not sure if it is anger or confusion.