Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Made This

I put together this little video in my spare time because I got the idea in my head at work and couldn't shake it. Enjoy, and see how many of the images you can place!


  1. Love it. There were very few images I couldn't place, which makes me proud. I am even more impressed with how eclectic your image selection is, albeit Trek, SciFi, Fantasy heavy.

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  3. Thanks! There were things I wanted to use but couldn't fit into the sense of a lyric. Others were really tough to illustrate. I tried not to duplicate too often from different shows/movies, but sometimes it was just too easy not to. It's a little Sci-Fi heavy, but those were the images that came to mind right away. It's a bit heavy on animation too, but it ain't easy boiling down over 100 years of filmed entertainment into 5 minutes that are lyrically relevant!